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Pays Bas 26/06/2020

New packing line for organic products is operating already

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OTC Organics with a strategic partner Euro West B.V. launched a brand new organic packing line that is an indirect consequence of last year packaging seminar organized by two companies.


“The line can be used to pack organic fruit and vegetables with different materials, such as netlon packaging or biodegradable material,” says Edward Out, Managing Director of OTC Organics. This is resulting in an increase in capacity and flexibility for customers.


Marco Vijverberg, Managing Director of Euro West B.V., shares: “OTC Organics is our good customer for the last 15 years. We did many things together. This new organic packing line launched special and only for OTC Organics.”


Thanks to JASA Packaging Solutions, which had the instructions to create this packaging line in an easy to handle way, this line is operational since the end of May and is already running at full speed. “JASA is a sustainability partner for Euro West B.V. We use 80% of its technology because they are a bit ahead in it”, adds Mr Vijverberg.


Denise Baths, Marketing & Communication Support of JASA Packaging Solutions B.V. comments: “We look back on a successful cooperation between JASA, OTC and EuroWest. Three consecutive years our company delivered three similar high-speed packaging lines. This is the first dedicated line for Biological products equipped with all the necessitates to guarantee that the products are handled an appropriate way.”


The companies are sure that there is no risk of residue contamination because only organic products will be packed on this packing line. This is how the organic chain keeps closed.


For more information:


Bart van der Vliet

OTC Organics B.V.


Marco Vijverberg
Euro West


Denise Baths
JASA Packaging Solutions


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New organic packing line
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